Great ideas and concepts need substance and equipment to achieve reality.

We would like to present you with the equipment that will turn dreams and ideas into reality- also present you with further concepts and ideas!


Water walls are almost a necessity in today's courtyards and 'Alfresco 'areas with the emphasis on the color room, and have become the focal point in providing atmosphere and life.

Sheet Descent: This is the wall washing type which flows vertically down the face of the wall. They are suitable for use on walls faced with a variety of substrates and bring subtle noise and movement into the garden. The shimmering flow of water is accentuated by the addition of lighting at night. Installations of up to 3 m high are possible with care in design and construction.

Projecting: The curtain of water projects out from the wall in an arc, re-entering the pond below approximately 200 mm to 300 mm away or less than 100 mm when the combo unit is used. A more impressive display, which stimulates the senses. Further enrichment is gained by the use of lighting at night. As they are noisier than a sheet descent, neighbors need to be considered in any installation. The pump and catchment pond need to be larger than what is required for a sheet descent.

We offer:

  • Acrylic Aqua blades
  • Tornado Combos
  • S/s Projecting
  • Customized water walls

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  • Water Walls


Transform your garden into a paradise with a garden pond by putting a pond and a gushing cascade you can enjoy in natures serenity of water in the garden. Please read further to see a great range of pre- fabricated ponds.

We offer:

  • Informal Ponds
  • Formal Ponds
  • Ponds and Grates

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  • Ponds

Filtration and Pond water quality

Garden ponds provide a relaxing atmosphere and endless enjoyment. However, many ponds suffer from poor water quality which results in poor health of both fish and plants and an unpleasant smell.

The first step in achieving better water quality is by circulation but this is usually insufficient and filtration becomes necessary.

Biological filtration uses natural processes and ingredients found in a healthy pond's ecosystem to clean pond water in a natural and environmentally friendly. We can assist the natural process with ultra- violet clarification and aeration.

We offer:

  • Prefiltters
  • Pressurized Filters
  • Gravity feed Filters
  • UVC Filters

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  • Filtration

Skimmer filters and Filter falls

As an alternative to traditional pressurized Filters and 'Box' style gravitational filters are the 'skimmer' based system that combine a skimmer box style pump pit to extract water from the pond and a water fall type filter outlet to return it to the pond.

These need to be incorporated in the design of the pond as they cannot be readily retrofitted. Great for larger ponds and 'natural' looking installations.

We offer:

  • Skimmer Filters
  • Filter Falls
  • Alternative Filtration devices

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  • Special Filtration

Treatments for Ponds and pond life

Ponds are small eco-systems where biological factors provide a vital part. Often these need to be enhanced, replicated or substituted by additives to provide the needed balance or to fix existent problems.

We offer:

  • Biological and ecological friendly additives
  • Proven water treatments
  • Micro- bacterial treatments

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  • Treatments

Pond Liner

Pond liner is the most versatile and popular method of pond construction. Size is almost unlimited: - shape, depth, and form can be varied to suit one's taste, budget and dreams!

We offer:

  • PVC Liners
  • EPDM Liners
  • Xavan Liners
  • Liner Underlay

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  • Pond Liner

Nozzles and Jets

Aeration and water movement are essential elements to a successful pond situation. Fountain nozzles provide a focal point, an attraction with which to grace your pond.

We offer:

  • Foaming Nozzles
  • Water Castle nozzles
  • Water film (bell and tulip) nozzles

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  • Nozzles


Pumps are the heart and lifeblood of a successful water garden or a water feature! Circulation is vital to a created pond, and you need a reliable pump to keep going year after year. From basic feature pumps to energy efficient (planet saving) super pumps, from miniature circulators to low-voltage and solar pumps, there is a huge variety of types and functions!

We Offer:

  • Fountain pumps
  • Filtration Pumps
  • Low voltage pumps
  • Solar Pumps

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  • Pumps

Mist makers/ Foggers

Most of us love the effect of a swirling mist hugging the surface of the water - again a variety of misters are available to give a variety of effects!

We offer:

  • Indoor Misters
  • Outdoor Misters
  • Floating Misters

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  • Misters

Submersible Lights

Lighting is a very rewarding addition to the pond or Water Feature, and worth being considered and included from the outset. Tacked- on lighting arrangements end up looking tacky! Poor lighting may make the pond just barely visible at dusk or in the evening, but you can transform it with light and energy efficient LED lighting. Make it a vibrant feature at dusk or in the evening.

We offer:

  • Latest technology LED lights
  • Submersible Quartz - Halogen
  • Mini lights and strip lights

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  • Submersible Lights

Pond-Less Water Features

Unless they are large or with a well- balanced eco-system- most ponds do not fall into the low maintenance category. The methods of concealing the pond (reservoir) which is now more common, leads not only to lower maintenance but also substantial water savings by reducing evaporation and algal susceptibility.

We offer:

  • Grated/ Concealed ponds
  • Pond-less stream arrangements
  • Pump wells

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  • Pond-less Water Features

Wall Sprouts

Wall sprouts can make or break a custom water feature. As distinct from a water wall or a nozzle, these are intended to operate from a vertical wall, falling into a pond or trough below. Options are cast brass or stainless steel.

We offer:

  • Wall Sprouts
  • Stainless Steel Sprouts

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  • Wall Sprouts

Stainless Steel Features

Just right to complement the stainless steel outdoor kitchen and blend in with the stainless steel barbeque. Stainless steel features are now available in a huge variety of styles and sizes- mostly to order!

We offer:

  • Stainless Steel Water features
  • Stainless steel Spheres
  • S/Steel Feature Elements

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  • Stainless Steel Features

Decoration and Décor

Increase the attractiveness of your waterscape with decorative features and actions -keep it looking good with maintenance ideas and tools.

We offer:

  • Floating Replica Birdlife
  • Submersible Lighting
  • Illuminated Outlets

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  • Decoration


Looking after the pond or water feature can also be a challenge- particularly if the design has led to an imbalance in the factors that cause problems - but there are tools and equipment that help you actively deal with any pond problem.

We offer:

  • Pond Vacuums
  • Pond Cover nets
  • Fish nets and tools

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  • Maintenance


Broaden your knowledge and find out how to make a water garden or fish pond. Become a well read expert, or learn the best and proper way to work on and maintain your fascinating garden pond.

We offer:

  • Koi and fish Books
  • Water Gardening Books
  • Aquarium Books

Accessories, Hose, Pots, Fittings

There are lots of other products that go into the creating of a water garden paradise - hose/tubing, water lily baskets, valves etc. Purpose designed products for specific applications.

We offer:

  • Non-kink Hose
  • Stainless steel hose clamps for ribbed hose
  • Water plant containers

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  • Accessories