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MSDS Blagdon - Fresh Start

MSDS Blagdon - Greenaway

MSDS Blagdon - Clear pond

MSDS Blagdon - Pond Balance

MSDS Blagdon - Flora Boost

MSDS Blagdon - Pond Fish Safe

MSDS Tornado - Tornado Pond

MSDS Aqualiner - Joining tape

MSDS Blagdon - Extract of Barley straw

MSDS Blagdon - Bioactive Disease control

MSDS Blagdon - Sludge control

MSDS Blagdon - Pond sludge Buster

MSDS Blagdon - Feature Clear

MSDS Tornado Pond Conditioner Block

MSDS Tornado Ph Test

MSDS Blagdon - Pond Ammonia Remover

Waterscape supply Co and L'QIP are divisions of Akline Pty Ltd, a family owned Australian company operating since 1982 and committed to reputable and honest business practices and support of charitable organizations.

We import and/or distribute the following brands and manufacturers- Blagdon, Seerose, Seliger, Oase-commercial, Oasis, Otterbine, Interpet, Messner, Stiligoi, Sander, Microbelift, Ecological Laboratories, Tornado, Fishmate, Petmate, Sicce, Eden, Hydrogarden, Luise, Blue Lagoon, Van Gervan, Van Erp, Outside Living, Ubbink, Reefe, H20Show, Safe-rain, Remanoid, Teton, Sequence, Syncra, Koralia, Carlisle, Mazzei, Savio, Xavan.

How to work it all out!

Now that you are inspired and need to get it happening- there are aids we can provide to help you design and construct a perfect water feature- see below or enlist the aid of a designer or Landscaper to assist on a project that can add serious value to your property.

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Water Treatment Solutions

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Total Design Solution

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