Architectural Waterscapes

Water is an essential element to ensure life.

Water is an essential element to ensure life.
Landscapes without the presence of water tend to be arid, lifeless scenes lacking the vitality and freshness imparted by water. Fountains have been centre pieces and focal points of major buildings and cultural centres for centuries. Nothing else can impart a dynamic, living audible presence like a water feature.

Here at waterscapes we embrace new technology allowing us to treat, store and recycle water or incorporate water in more productive and innovative ways.

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Can we inspire you?

Water has held a considerable fascination for man since time immemorial, and he has travelled far to view a beautiful waterfall, a sprouting geyser or a cascading water course. European countries recognized the great interest centuries ago, and constructed water features in parks, town squares and large private houses. Some of these such as the villa d'este, the Trevi, Versailles, and the Granada are still functioning today as designed, and give delight to thousands. Today, research and development of new products, material and techniques have made it relatively straightforward for fountains to be installed anywhere water is available. There are few of us that will not admit that there is something soothing about the sight of moving water. The appearance of a water display in fading light or at night time is greatly improved with the addition of lighting cast up through the water.

The Water feature can be formal in effect and application-

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These brochures provide a basic overview of the products and concepts available.
Commercial Fountains Brochure
Fountain Nozzles of all shapes and sizes. Dimensions and performance figures for design. Floating Fountains.
Commercial Fountains
Lighting and accessories including floating fountains.
Light & Technology Brochure
Seerose Brochure
The premium range of nozzles lights and pumps.
Light and Water Technology
Lighting, Nebulisers, Pumps - the three ranges of selinger waterpower.
Light & Technology Brochure
Seerose Brochure
Effective and efficient illumination and highlighting of water features and ponds.

Just as appealing is the natural feel- the casual and informal effect!

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Fountain Nozzles

A shimmering, dancing column or a majestic jet of aerated water, or a cascading sheet. It is undeniable that fountain nozzles impact life and action. Besides the practical result of effectively aerating the water body, fountain nozzles, in their multitude of effects, impart life and a sense of vitality. What you can do with water is limited to just physics and your imagination.

Arrangements of multiple nozzles also greatly adds to the effect, whether it be in columns, circles or arcs, the effects of multiple light-catching, dancing, water-columns is something that is not replicated in any other media.

fountain nozzles

Filtration for Water Features

Filtration of water features and water bodies, such as fish ponds, dams, and lakes is a little less of an art and can be quite a complex subject. In general, technology has advanced to the state where biological filtration can now be considered for almost every application, save for portable water. Concept of using bacteria to clean the water biologically is both ecologically friendly, and is economically sensible. Practically, any body of water, from a fish bowl to lake can be filtered biologically and clear water guaranteed.

There are several sterilization or clarification processes to complement biological filtration. The two methods we recommend mostly are germicidal ultra-violet and ozone. Both of these methods are non- residual and therefore pose no lasting environmental risk, unlike most chlorination methods. Units can be set up for almost any sized body of water and will result in clear, healthy water.

Further the options for water features are only limited by physics and application.

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